Our windows are made of custom-formulated premium-grade vinyl, welded at both sash and frame corners giving you leak-free performance, durability, and energy efficiency.

Energy Efficient Features

Our windows are made of custom-formulated, premium-grade vinyl welded at both sash and frame corners. Welded windows give you leak-free performance, durability, and energy efficiency.

Our windows feature:

  • All welded master frame and sashes
  • Multi-chambered frame and sash construction for ultimate energy efficiency
  • 7/8″ warm edge insulated glass (Low-E with argon and other high performance glass options also available)
  • Galvanized steel reinforced master frame and sashes (width only)
  • Heavy duty sash locks
  • Custom sizes
  • Vinyl structural ribs top and bottom for support
  • Extruded interlock runs full width of sashes
  • Spiral or coil balance systems
  • Exterior glazing bead with dual durometer edge seal
  • Extruded slim line pull rails
  • Aluminum-framed, fiberglass half screen (full screen option available)
  • Ventilation stop
  • Venting latches to limit opening

Our U30 series windows with enhanced Low-E and argon glass package offers a combination of insulated glass technologies that can give energy and money savings while making the home more comfortable.

Keeping you cool when it’s hot outside

U30 enhanced glass has been specifically designed to keep interior temperatures comfortable when the outdoor temperature heads for higher or lower digits. Homeowners are now able to maximize day light and enjoy the view while keeping air conditioning costs to a minimum.

In mild climates or in climates that enjoy mild seasons, southern and western elevations of a home can be exposed to significant unwanted solar heat gain. The result is a higher temperature in rooms that are exposed to the sun while the rest of your home and the air outside remain at a comfortable level. The enhanced glass package greatly reduces this effect and helps maintain a uniform comfort level throughout the house.

In addition to providing relief from the intense heat of the sun, the enhanced glass package also provides superior insulating performance during the cold nights of winter by efficiently reflecting the heat from your furnace back into the house.

All windows with the enhanced Low-E and argon glass package will come with labels stating U factor 0.30 and SHGC 0.30 or under.

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